Father's Day Free Gas Cards

6/15/2008 Fresno, CA A ride on the carousel with dad this Father's Day had everyone smiling as they went round and round.

Sunday, most of these dads who showed up focused on something nearly as important as family, a way to get the family from place to place. The first 50 fathers who stepped off the carousel at Manchester Center got 50 dollars worth of free fuel, a gift well worth the wait.

Some dads stood in line for 4 hours, with kids in tow. "I've been here since like 7:20," said one dad.

"This Father's Day I wanted to bring my boys out here. Spend some time with them, do something fun. And I heard about the gas, that's always a plus," said Vince Montgomery.

Manchester Center managers decided this giveaway was the most thoughtful gift they could offer fathers this year. "I figured Dad is always the hardest one to shop for, so I figured it would be a little easier to give out something everyone would really, really want, and need," said marketing director Angie Lozano.

Many passed time waiting in line, reminiscing about what they were able to do when gas prices were more reasonable. "I used to take my wife down to Santa Cruz at least two or three times a month. I can't do that, but maybe once every 6 months now," said Art Mhackian.

The wait was too long for a few toddlers who ended up falling asleep by the time the ride began. But for the older kids, the wait wasn't too bad. It was time well spent sharing times to remember for years.

"I'd like to wish my dad a Happy Father's Day, because he's the best dad in the world," said one boy as he rode on the carousel.

The gas cards were paid for by Manchester Center. Organizers say the event proved far more popular than they expected.

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