Local Cheering Section for Bulldogs

6/15/2008 Fresno, CA Dozens showed up at the World Sports Cafe at River Park to watch the game and cheer Fresno State.

Many of them are convinced the team can ride their underdog status all the way to a championship. Jim McBee, Fresno State Fan, says "I think nobody expected us to get where we are -- for the boys to get to where they are today. To me, there's no pressure on them and I think they'll go all the way."

Jill Kienow, Fresno State Fan, says "I think they're going to go all the way. They've already surprised a lot of people and I think they're just gonna do the whole thing."

Several fans who watched the game in Fresno Sunday say they followed the team to Omaha back in the eighties, but just couldn't make it this year.

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