Dump the Pump

June 19, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
If gas prices are too high for you, then "Dump the Pump" and take a bus today. Thursday is the third annual national "Dump the Pump Day," sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association.

Transit officials across the country are encouraging riders who've never taken the bus or subway before to give it a try. Households with two workers and one car can save $6,200 dollars every year using public transportation.

A lot of people are getting the message: FAX ridership is up this year 21% percent from May of last year to this year. "Well, obviously with the cost of fuel going through the roof, people are looking for choices now and the bus is an obvious one for them," said FAX Director Ken Hamm.

Some transit systems, such as Orange County, are offering free passes as part of "Dump the Pump" day, but FAX said it can't afford to.

Still, riders say a dollar a ride is a bargain.