More Levees Expected to Break

6/20/2008 KFSN Levees continue to break along the Mississippi River, and more could give way soon. Waters rushed over farmland, and into communities like Winfield, Missouri.

Along the Mississippi, 1000s of volunteers are waging a fight against Mother Nature. Sandbags are reinforcing the flood walls that are supposed to protect town centers. But the small city of Louisiana, Missouri, has no levee, but there are volunteers, many who have come from far away, to build a makeshift flood wall.

Homeowner John Frisbie said, "I'm plum wore out. I have volunteers come here and work a few hours and say, 'I don't know how you do it.' You don't know what you can do, until you have to."

President Bush visited Iowa yesterday. He promised billions of dollars in federal aid for the flood stricken Midwest.

In hard hit Cedar Rapids, toxic waters ruined everything they touched. The clean up, heartbreaking for many, has begun.

The damage in this region is soaring past $1.5 billion dollars. For many, federal dollars will help them re-build. But it could be years, before their lives return to normal.

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