The "Caveman Bandit" Strikes Again

June 20, 2008 8:10:46 PM PDT
The FBI calls him the "Caveman Bandit". Decked out with a fake beard and mustache, FBI Special Agent Clay Wible said this bank robber has no problem calling attention to himself. "He's told people to get down, he tells everyone this is a robbery, give me your money, don't set off alarms, and makes threats with his instructions."Wible told me the first robbery in Caruthers failed. 30 minutes later the bearded robber hit a bank in the city of San Joaquin. Since then, he's hit 5 more, three of them in Fresno. Fresno Police Sergeant David Ramos said, "What's worrying officers about this suspect is that he's done three separate armed take-over style robberies with a gun."

Agent Wible describes him as brazen and hostile. "He told one of them, if you don't give me the money I'll blow your blank head off."

The "Caveman Bandit" has gotten away with $90,000, an amount that's anything but primitive. Investigators worry that if he's not caught soon he may act on his threats. Sergeant Ramos said, "The whole purpose of this is to prevent someone from getting shot during one of the robberies."

Cold on clues and hot on his trail, the FBI turned to "America's Most Wanted". By placing his profile on the show's website, investigators hope someone will recognize the serial robber and turn him in for the $25,000 reward.

As for a motive, agent Wible wouldn't be surprised if it had something to do with the souring economy. "I've interviewed bank robbers that told me they robbed the bank because they were out of a job and needed money to buy Christmas presents for their family."