Presidential Hopeful To Visit Fresno Monday

6/22/2008 Fresno, CA Senator McCain will be hosting a town hall meeting at Fresno State's satellite student union in the morning. It starts at 10 o'clock. Then he'll move to downtown Fresno for a fundraising lunch at the Radisson Hotel.

The president of the Nisei Farmers League says he expects Senator McCain to address two issues that are critical to central valley growers; the state's water shortage and immigration.

The Nisei Farmers League is a co-sponsor of the McCain fundraiser. But tomorrow's appearance won't involve just McCain supporters. The organization "Peace Fresno" is planning to protest the Senator's appearance at the luncheon downtown tomorrow.

A representative from "Peace Fresno" says they're concerned about Senator McCain's stance on the war--specifically his plan to keep U.S. troops in Iraq for the foreseeable future.

"Peace Fresno" is expecting as many as 200 protestors to take part in Monday's event.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama took his presidential campaign to Miami Sunday to deliver a message to the nation's mayors.

He told the audience at the National Mayor's Conference that he'll be their ally in Washington, not John McCain. While the democratic presidential candidate praised McCain's service to the country, he chastised him for not proposing a strategy for American cities hit hard by tough economic times.

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