Relief from the Heat

June 21, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
People in the valley did all they could to keep cool Saturday, as temperatures reached record breaking levels. "It's is very hot. It's feels sticky and uncomfortable. I just, I hate the heat," said Corina Villegas of Fresno. Some found that relief at the movie theater. "We're burning everybody else's PG & E. We come to the movies, its cold inside," said Lucy Whittle of Los Banos.

Her husband, Melvin, noted the relief was short-lived, though. "We realized when the movie was over we had to come back out and experience the heat even worse than when we went in," said Melvin.

One restaurant in River Park used misters to keep patio diners cool, but when Action News stopped by, there were no takers.

The city of Fresno activated cooling centers throughout the city for the first time Saturday. At the Mosqueda center, both kids and adults found ways to stay out of the heat. "It's more comfortable in here than being at home in the hot!" said Felicia Hurtado of Fresno.

Staying inside in the A/C is exactly what doctors recommend people do. They said if you do start to notice symptoms, don't hesitate to seek medical aid. "If you start noticing any other symptoms, such as dizziness that's not resolving? you're heart is racing, you're not stopping sweating once you get out of the sun, you need to come in and get evaluated," said Dr. Rimon Bengiamin, an ER doctor at Community Regional Medical Center.