Fresno Police Officer Shoots Suspect

6/21/2008 Fresno, CA The shooting happened at an assisted living facility near Winery and Hamilton in southeast Fresno, but it began with a carjacking at Kings Canyon and Clovis Avenue.

Police said a woman leaving a nail salon in the 5600 block of Kings Canyon was ordered to the ground and robbed at gunpoint by another woman. Police said that's when another male suspect stole the victim's vehicle.

Police caught up with the vehicle on Highway 180 and chased it to an assisted living facility at Winery and Hamilton. Police were able to stop the vehicle and the suspects ran away.

Investigators said the woman was caught by officers, but the man ran into the assisted living facility, making it into one person's room and several common areas before a confrontation with a Fresno police officer. The officer shot the man in the upper body and arm.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer said the details of that confrontation are still under investigation, but at this point, he's just glad no one else was hurt.

"No victim in the robbery was injured, or to our knowledge at the senior citizens' village, but they very well could have been. We had a suspect that was involved in a carjacking, was running through a common hallway of a senior citizens' village, attempting to open doors, and we very well could have had a hostage situation tonight. Fortunately, the suspect was not able to get into any of those rooms with the exception the one. And fortunately, our officers were on scene and spotted this vehicle as quickly as they did," said Dyer.

Police said the suspect underwent surgery Friday night and he is expected to survive.

The Fresno police officer involved in the shooting was not injured and will be on paid administrative leave as the investigation continues.

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