Murder-Suicide in Foothills

Auberry , CA "And right now the preliminary belief is that it might be a murder-suicide," said Deputy Chris Curtice.

A murder suicide that's devastated this family. Deputy Chris Curtice is working to keep the family informed of this tragedy.

"So we're just trying to keep them apprised of everything that's going on as it happens so they're not in the dark. They obviously want to stay here until they hear more news," said Curtice.

But new information could take a while. The property is so vast extra detectives we're needed to investigate this case. Also deputy Curtice says crime scene investigators may have to search this whole hill for clues.

"There's a lot of property here, lot of property and it's gonna take some people to sift through everything, said Curtice.

Detectives are not sure when the murder happened but one neighbor did tell us off camera that he never saw any signs of problems--creating an even bigger mystery.

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