Fresno State Made History in Omaha

6/26/2008 Omaha, Neb. They didn't even rank among the top 48 teams in division one baseball but who's on top now?

The great broadcaster Vin Scully once said, in a year that has been so improbable, the impossible has happened!

They've gone from "underdogs" to "wonderdogs" but now national champs will do. Head coach Mike Batesole and his guys sporting shades to protect against the bling of those Championship rings.

Steve detwiler smashed his way into the College World Series record books. He went 4-4, and drove in all six of his team's runs. Detwiler set championship game records for most home runs, two, most extra base hits, most RBI and total bases.

Shortstop Danny Muno had a tough time with three errors but his teammates wouldn't let him get down on himself. They're checking his eyesight in good fun. No need to tense up. Just enjoy yourself.

Coach Batesole prayed starter Justin Wilson would have enough to give him a few innings. Wilson was so good he had Georgia batters talking to themselves. Justin struck out nine in the biggest game of his life.

You better believe the dogs were positively unstoppable; and they had fun.

Matt Cerione can't get a grip on the bat and flings it into the Dogs dugout so the guys give him his bat back; but then they all duck when he steps back into the batter's box.

The game is supposed to be fun!

Series MVP Tommy Mendonca continued to make the tough plays look routine. Danny Muno came up with a huge play to turn two in the ninth inning. He never let those early errors get to him. His buddies were going nuts in the dugout and they'd get a chance to dog pile.

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