Bulldog Fans Scoop Up Merchandise

Fresno, CA Margarita Rodriguez said, "The "Underdog to Wonderdog" shirt, that's what everybody wants right now." The bank teller was supposed to be at work Wednesday morning. But her co-workers gave her a long list of things to get for them at the bulldog gift store. She had no idea the line would start outside the store, wind through the merchandise and snake all the way up to the counter. Julie Henvit said she and Margarita had been in line "Since a quarter to 11 so almost 45 minutes." But Margarita won't be in too much trouble because Henvit is her boss.

Store manager Jeremy Melcher said, "It's been unreal. Fresno is really jumping behind the baseball team right now and it's great."

Melcher estimates sales on a typical June day average about $1,500 dollars. But since the Diamond Dogs surprised everyone making it all the way to the College World Series, sales have spiked to between $15 and $20 thousand dollars a day.

The Bulldog spirit seems to be contagious. Bobby Aparicio is a die-hard fan and he wants to make sure his family is ready for tonight's game. "I'm getting a hat, getting my mom a shirt so she knows I love her, and a 'go dogs' flag for the house."

Joe De La Torre said, "I have a hat but I gave it to my son so I'm here looking for another hat." Fans say they want to be decked out in red as they cheer on the hometown team during the championship game. Bobby Aparicio said, "Nothing's happened like that here in Fresno for a long time. Ten years ago with softball so we're due for one."

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