Rangers Challenge

Visalia, CA From squats to the stationary bike, these teenagers are sweating it out for a good reason. Hernan Rincon, a Redwood High School student, says "I've lost about 38 pounds and it feels very good."

The Redwood High School students took part in the "Rangers Challenge." It's a totally volunteer, after school program to get in shape and lose weight. Physical Education teacher Joe Garcia started it all. He's been the P.E. teacher at Redwood High School for 33 years.

Joe Garcia says, "Just watching these kids grow the way they did in that time. They were here for four months. The improvements that they made were just extraordinary."

Garcia met with the kids four times a week. Each week, they challenged themselves to lift heavier weights or pull of a longer cardio workout. They also met with Mike Grajeda for nutrition advice. Grajeda says, "I had them fill out a questionnaire and we designed individual eating plans for each of them. The, each week, we weighed them in and tested their body fat."

The students worked hard to avoid fast food and the unhealthy choices offered at the school cafeteria. Maria lost 18% of her body fat. Maria Cabrera, Redwood High School student says, "During lunch I would be eating an apple and my friends would say, 'You're eating an apple? No one eats apples anymore!' And I say, 'I do!'"

Now, the students are inspired to continue their healthy habits. They have more energy and feel better about themselves. Rincon says, "My self esteem really did go up. I feel better about myself and my clothes have been fitting better.

That's enough inspiration to continue the challenge next year.

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