Diamond Dogs Fans Continue to Celebrate

6/27/2008 Fresno, CA Thursday night, the presses were rolling at the Fresno Bee for a special edition of the paper dedicated to the Fresno State Baseball Team. Thursday, fans embraced the bulldogs as they returned home with the first NCAA title in any men's sport.

Thousands of those fans packed Beiden Field and Barstow Avenue for a parade and pep rally for the players.

The much desired championship shirts were scheduled to arrive in a late night shipment here at the Bulldog Shop. You can expect a huge line once the store opens at 10:00am. Fans just don't want the celebration to stop.

Thursday night, a sea of red shirts lined the parade route to show support for the national champs. "It's just a big happening; we're just sharing the joy of everybody in Fresno. That's what's so exciting," said Bulldogs Fan Iynn Arkelian

The crowd went wild as a fire truck carrying the first group of players came by. Pitcher Justin Wilson was front and center. Next to him was the bulldog mascot.

All the players were cheered wildly along the parade route to Beiden Field.

Once there, the red wave filled the stands and overflowed into the outfield as Fresno State fans gathered for a victory party like no other.

In all, an estimated 6,500 people came to Beiden Field to support the team that defied the odds.

"You won the championship for underdogs all over this world!" said Fresno Mayor Alan Autry during his speech at Beiden Field.

Many in the crowd never made it into the stadium. Instead they waited in this line for autographs and a chance to meet the national championship team.

Joaquin Gonzales didn't want to wait for a championship shirt; he got a championship tattoo on his belly!

For something less permanent, the official championship shirts will go on sale at the Bulldog Shop on Friday. T

This team and last night will go down in history for Fresno State and the entire community. The 2008 Bulldog Baseball Team that turned thousands into believers.

Fans are already talking about a repeat win for next year.

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