Bulldogs on Parade

6/27/2008 Fresno, CA The national champions were riding on everything from fire trucks to golf carts on their way to a celebration at Beiden Field. Those along the route were thrilled to see the players. Carol Villalobos of Fresno said," It feels great, like everybody in red, everybody's here for Fresno, everybody's here for the 'Dogs. It's just baseball."

Long time Bulldog fan Lynn Arkelian described the scene as, "A big happening." She said, "We're just sharing the joy of everybody in Fresno. That's what's so exciting."

While most of the crowd sported Bulldog Red shirts, one man, Joaquin Gonzales showed his dedication by getting a huge tattoo on his belly. It reads, Bulldogs, National Champs, '08.

Gonzales said he was so excited by Wednesday night's win he got the tattoo on Thursday morning. He said he was in a lot of pain because a Bulldog player had just slapped the tattoo as he passed by. But Gonzales said, "My adrenalin kicked in so I'm OK."

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