Bad Air Prompts Weekend Advisory

6/28/2008 Fresno, CA An air stagnation warning is in effect until late Monday morning and affects most Central California counties. The stagnant air advisory is in place because the air in the valley really isn't moving. And when you breathe it in, it can be dangerous.

Crowds of people filled Kern Street in downtown Fresno Friday night for the city sponsored "Vibe" event. Despite the haze that lingered above, many were outdoors. In fact, Jose Barboza was here because of it. "They say because it's a bad air day, the kids aren't practicing today," said Barboza.

Barboza normally coaches his son and nephew's football team on Friday nights. A cancelled practice meant they got to go to a Grizzlies game instead.

The poor air quality that's haunted the valley the entire week had one woman wearing a mask as she got a little exercise Friday afternoon. What people are seeing above is actually a mixture of two different kinds of pollutants. "We have particulate matter, which is usually a winter problem, and ozone, which is our typical summer smog pollutant. Those two things in combination means it's really bad air quality out there," said Jaime Holt with the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District.

Holt is urging people to stay indoors if possible this weekend. Dr. A.M. Aminian is advising the same, especially for those with respiratory problems. "Because the airs so thick with all these pollutants, these particulate matters, this fire smoke it affects people's in their respiratory track and they're going to get into trouble," said Aminian.

The stagnant air advisory is in effect until Monday, but air quality officials fear things could get even worse next week because of the July 4th Holiday. They're asking people not to set off fireworks this year or at least cutback.

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