Promise Keepers

June 28, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
Thousands of valley men challenged each other to be better people and better husbands today.The men tried to be worthy as they poured into the Save Mart Center for a Promise Keepers ministry.

The Promise Keepers group is a traveling Christian event designed to help men strengthen their bonds with each other and with their church.

It drew sell-out crowds in previous trips to Fresno, but this year, you could still see a lot of empty seats at the arena. So, the CEO says the big events are not their only focus. Thomas Fortson, Promise Keepers CEO "I think guys don't gather. They're a little uneasy about gathering at big events. You have a different generation of men that attend. I think they're more into technology? The plug & play generation. So, we're moving in a different direction in terms of not just having large events."

Promise Keepers is now hosting smaller seminars and moving into online ministries as well.