New Hands Free Cell Phone Law

Fresno, CA It starts Tuesday July 1st, it's a new violation, and officers will be on the lookout for other violations as well, drunk drivers, seatlbelt violations, speeding, lane changes, right of way, that's just another violation to look for.

There is a loophole regarding text messaging, but local police say if you are caught texting while driving, you will be ticketed for that too. Fresno Police officials say typing while driving is an obvious distraction. "It's Chief Dyers position and the department's position that hands free is the key phrase in this and texting and dialing would be in violation of that new law."

The new law is costing businesses like Turner Security Systems thousands as it transitions to hands free for the company's more than 300 security officers. "We've gone to the Blue Tooth and it's gone pretty good. We've actually put in the hand free system just with some family members it's gone pretty good too," said John Turner, owner of Turner Security Systems.

Turner has 55 company vehicles each one has a two way radio for dispatch already. So far he's spent close to $3,000 dollars switching over to hands free, and he estimates it will cost the company $15,000 dollars when every car is set up.

For the average person, local cell phone stores say it'll cost you less than $100 dollars to get your hands on a hands free accessory.

Sales shot up at "We Got It" accessories and the forecast for the next few days looks good too. "To be honest with you, I don't think today is the end of it. I think tomorrow when people go to work and they find out that a co-worker got a ticket for talking on the phone. I think we're going to see another storm coming through," said Darrell Gorham.

If you do get a ticket, it will cost about $75 dollars the first time around.

For those under 18 years old: no talking at all while driving, hands free or not.

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