Roeding Park Fee Increase on Hold

Fresno, CA The council delayed increasing the Roeding Park fee, which had been set to go into effect Tuesday.

Anyone who does not have Pinedale or Fresno on their driver's license would have been charged five dollars to get in.

The fee became an issue last week during a Fresno County Zoo Authority meeting.

Zoo officials said they opposed the fee increase because Fresno County residents are already taxing themselves with the passage of Measure Z, a sales tax that funds zoo improvements.

The city parks director argued for the increase a Tuesday's council meeting. Randall Cooper, Fresno Parks Director: "We brought value to the city. The taxpayers deserve to have the value but they also deserve to have other people who come in and share these facilities to pay some costs as far as maintaining the upkeep of these facilities."

Jerry Duncan, Fresno City Council: "The few dollars we may get is not worth the trouble, the bad reputation that were going to from the public and the implications that people are going to come to Fresno and be treated differently. I just think it's a bad idea."

The city council didn't take up the fees at the regional sports complex and Woodward Park which increased to five dollars beginning Tuesday for non-residents.

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