SurveyUSA July 4th Holiday Celebration Plans

Fresno, CA Will you be traveling for the July 4th Holiday?

18% Yes
80% No
2% Not Sure

Compared to previous years, this July 4th will you travel further away? Will you stay closer? Or travel about the same distance?

41% Further Away
29% Closer
27% Same Distance
2% Not Sure

Has the price of gasoline caused you to cancel or change any plans for the July 4th holiday?

57% Yes
40% No
3% Not Sure

Have you personally bought more fireworks this year than you usually do? Fewer fireworks? Or about the same amount as you usually do?

3% More
62% Fewer
30% About The Same
6% Not Sure

Which one reason best describes why you have bought fewer fireworks? The price of gasoline? The economy in general? Air pollution? The threat of wildfires? Or some other reason?

22% Price Of Gasoline
30% Economy In General
18% Air Pollution
17% Threat Of Wildfires
13% Other
0% Not Sure
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