SJK Juror Files Discrimination Lawsuit

July 3, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
A juror who decided on a $19-million dollar discrimination judgment for former Fresno State Coach Stacy Johnson Klein has now filed her own discrimination lawsuit.Yolanda Cerrillo worked as an assistant to the principal of West Park Elementary School. She said two days after returning to work from the Stacy Johnson-Klein trial she got fired. She claimed she never had any problems at work, had a clean record and got along with students and co-workers.

She said she just did what was right and she's having a tough time figuring out what went wrong. "I was totally shocked. I didn't even expect it. They just stabbed me in my back. It still hurts. I would never change my mind on that. I got fired for it, whatever. I would never change my mind. I would do it all over again," said Cerrillo.

West Park Superintendent Ralph Vigil refused to comment on the lawsuit Wednesday, but we spoke to him about Cerrillo seven months ago. Back then, he said she was a likeable person, but that the school district didn't have to give a reason for firing any employee.

One interesting note: one of Cerrillo's lawyers is Dan Siegel. Siegel represented Johnson-Klein against Fresno State.