Missing Army Nurse Found Dead

7/14/2008 Chicagom, IL The search for a missing soldier ends in the discovery of her charred remains in a remote wooded area near Camp Lejeune.

The family of Second Lieutenant Holley Wimunc said military officials informed them the remains are hers. Police also announced the arrest of her Marine husband, John Wimunc, for arson.

The Wimuncs were in the midst of a bitter divorce with Holley filing a restraining order against her husband in May. The court order paints a chilling picture. Holley told the court he'd threatened to kill her and himself and that he'd held a loaded 9 mm gun to her head, choked her and thrown her around the living room.

Holley had not been seen since last Wednesday when co-workers went to check her apartment. They found it had been set on fire.

Investigators interviewed John Wimunc last week following the fire. He is now charged with arson.

Another soldier, 22-year old Kyle Alden, was also arrested for setting the fire. Both Wimunc and Alden will appear in court Tuesday morning. More information is expected later Monday afternoon at a news conference.

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