Calwa Fire Caused By Fireworks

Calwa, CA Navarro lives nearby and is one of three men who helped the family of ten escape from their burning home. Fire investigators say the fire began in a grassy area near the house then spread up a wall and into the home's attic. It's unknown if illegal fireworks are to blame but Mike Bowman with Cal-Fire said the incident is proof any fireworks can be dangerous. "We really have to be careful, what we're using. Make sure we use them in the right areas because the result could be tragedy and death," said Bowman.

Thankfully, no lives were lost this weekend, but the Calwa neighborhood knows how devastating fires can be. Anna and Ruvi Escalante died two years ago after a fire raced through their Calwa home. The tragic loss still affects the small community. "That wasn't a fireworks, but nonetheless it was a fire. And we had the sense of neighbors getting involved in helping their neighbors out and rescuing that fire," said Bowman.

Navarro said he thanks God everyone made it out safe this weekend. Now he's hoping people will think twice about *where* they set off fireworks in the future, even if they're considered "safe and sane." "They don't light as high or fly as high, but they're just as deadly and dangerous. Especially in California. We live in such a dry area," said Navarro.

Since the deadly fire two years ago, Cal-Fire victims' mother have gone door to door throughout Calwa, installing smoke detectors. Two of them were installed in the home that burned this weekend.

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