Near Record Heat Leads to Near-Record Electricity Use

Fresno, CA It's trying to keep up with the high demand by buying power from other states and it's also calling on you to do your part in conserving energy. Near record-breaking temperatures are leading to near-record electricity use in California. So officials with the state power grid called for a flex alert for today through Thursday. Jim McIntosh with Cal/Iso said, "We're a little in unchartered waters on how much a/c load, which is what drives our peak, is going to occur."

A flex alert means everyone should conserve energy. Here's how you can help. Turn off all unneeded lights. Postpone using major appliances until after 7 pm. And if you have to use your air conditioner turn it up to 78 degrees or higher.

Dr. Scott De Shields says children and the elderly can't regulate their body temperatures as well so they need special attention. He says when we sweat we lose salt in our bodies so we need to replenish what we lose. "Just as good would be drinking water and eating a bag of chips having sodium keeps the fluid inside the vessels of your body."

Fresno Parks and Recreation Director Randy Cooper coordinates the city's ten cooling centers. He said, "We're just working really hard to make sure everyone in the city knows what we're offering because our citizens need whatever help they can get, life is getting hard and we want to make it a little easier for them."

But not many people took advantage of either service today. We went to three cooling centers and only one of them had a few people there taking advantage of it. Cal/Iso says it will come very close to record breaking peak demand of electricity this week.
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