Volunteers Brave Heat to Help Others

7/10/2008 Fresno, CA Robbie Cranch and her dog Juniper make daily walks through central Fresno. But with temperatures well into the triple digits Cranch is worried what effects the heat could have on her neighbors. "These are times that are potentially deadly times for seniors, for people that are disabled, or people that are chronically ill," said Cranch.

That's why Cranch is placing information packets about the dangers of heat in every mailbox she passes.

Action News: "So how many blocks will you walk?"

Cranch: "We walk three miles. Three miles. So will go over, up shaw, back down."

She'll visit roughly 100 houses. Cranch got the idea to reach out to her neighbors at a news conference for volunteers Wednesday morning.

State Offical Karen Baker asked residents across the valley to look out for seniors and others easily affected by the heat. A group from Americorps hit the streets soon after.

Dr. Troy Scribner said everyone's affected by this intense heat but warns seniors are most at risk. That's because seniors can have a difficult time regulating body temperature. "The hotter we get the more the heart works. Whenever the heart is working harder than it already maybe either weakened, or damaged…much more difficult time at being able to regulate that temperature."

Residents are encouraged to check in daily with neighbors they feel could be at risk from this heat.

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