Internet Real Estate Market

Fresno, CA Maria Soto of Fresno and her boyfriend were recently in the market for a home.

Maria Soto: "He just had off time one day and started looking on the web"

Soto says they had physically searched a few neighborhoods, but found nothing.

Maria Soto: "We were looking for a condo and the link to craigslist came up on the site … so we decided to follow it and see what we would find there and that's where we found the posting for this house."

Soto and her boyfriend contacted the realtor and ended up buying this house. The ad on craigslist had been placed by Greg Kosareff … A longtime Fresno realtor.

Greg Kosareff: "As far as the paper publications that I do it's almost minimal now. Everything that I try to do is related to the internet and that type of advertising."

In the thirteen years Kosareff has been in real estate … this may be his best year yet … and it's all because of the internet. He spends money marketing himself and his homes on various websites … he says potential buyers do most of the groundwork gathering information from various sites. When they're ready to buy … they get in touch.

Greg Kasaroff: "A lot of them are actually responding via email first and then they will want to set up an appointment."

If you like a particular neighborhood and find a specific house and want information. It's easy to get without making any calls. You can simply get the address by writing it down or taking a picture on your phone.

The rest of the legwork can be done in front of your computer.

Even if you don't know which websites to go to get information on your house … all you have to do is type in the address … and all kinds of websites will pop up … click on one of them and you'll get all the information you need to know.

Greg Kosareff: "I show less properties than I ever have … but my business is growing because of the internet."

Yes, the Real Estate Market is soft … but with a little creativity and the internet … realtors like Greg Kosareff can still make a pretty good living.

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