Californian Faces 4th Night of Heat

Fresno, CA Californian resident Sue Rivera said, "Murphy's law. When anything is going to go wrong ... It's going to go wrong." Rivera is left baffled: How does a one ton a-c component get lost? No one can tell us where the equipment originated. But the company's closest distribution site is in the Los Angeles area. Instead of being flown to Fresno, Californian staff members were told the part landed on Thursday- clear across the United States- in Virginia. Crews couldn't get it to the west coast by Friday. So, they ordered another compressor but that one was in Chicago. It's now being flown to California hopefully ending four nights of extreme heat in the building. Rivera said, "That's pretty good size compressor. It's like where did end up in. All I can think about is somehow it was clerical or it got on the wrong plane."

Californian resident Gary Lane said, "Anything can happen I guess. This is just totally out of control right now." Once again, Californian residents will have to find creative ways to cool down. But they're thankful- it's not as hot as Thursday. Lane said, "I use a wet towel. I've been in hotter situations in my life but you know there's a lot of people here who aren't in good health."

That massive a/c compressor is expected to arrive at midnight Friday. Then crews will shut down the intersection of Kern and Van Ness Saturday morning and install it. But residents say they won't hold their breath. They've heard those plans all week long.

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