Tuberculosis Scare before the Kings County Fair

Fresno, CA Jamee Williams' hopes and dreams of college in five years depend heavily on how her dairy cow Missy shows at the Kings County fair. "It's a great experience for me and I love doing and she's four years old and I've been with her since she was one," said Williams.

But the respiratory disease tuberculosis has sent a chill through the Valley and threatened the cattle and dairy farming business and almost shutdown the 200 cattle shown at this years fair.

"It's contagious that's why everything's quarantined," said Becky Thrall.

Livestock Superintendent Becky Thrall said every cow was tested for TB Only six cows were flagged and removed from the show.

"At this point we are 100% that everything that has come to these fairgrounds and left here is TB free," said Thrall.

The six cows that were removed from the livestock show did not test positive for TB. However, they did come from dairy farms where TB was found. Fair official Sara Mendez said they did not want to take a chance when it came to this highly contagious disease.

"They just couldn't participate. It was very unfortunate. One child alone couldn't have three of his animals in," said Mendez.

The fate of the six cows is unknown. They were claimed by the state but may not be slaughtered. As for Williams' future her cow Missy was top in her class and claimed the "Supreme Grand Champion" medal.

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