Local Economic Group Provides Food and Finance to Fresno County Farm Workers

Firebaugh, CA "As you can see so many are in so much need," said one volunteer at the food give-a-way.

Close to 300 unemployed farm workers, laborers and their families packed into the Firebaugh community center downtown for free food.

John Horton said: "Like me, I'm the kind of person I don't like to ask for nothing but when I need the help I'm gonna be gracious enough to take whatever's been offered to me."

The donated fruits and vegetables were provided by the community food bank. Horton said this give-a-way is a blessing. He fills his days caring for his family while looking for a carpentry job. But Wednesday morning, he filled the back of his truck with sacks of food.

"We told them they could come back around and sure enough no one said no to it," said Gabriela Romero.

Event organizer Gabriela Romero said there was enough of everything to go around twice. Most of these families have been hit by the drought in West Fresno County. Romero's group, Economic Opportunities Commission, works to provide food and financial help for these low income families.

Romero said: "I'm telling you the energy. They don't want to turn on the air because they can't afford to pay the bill. It's sad."

It's easy to get an idea of how severe the drought is on the west side of the county. There's no water in the fields, there's no food to plant, which means there's no jobs. A lot of these workers have to rely on drives like this to put food on the table.

Lupita Ceruvates said: "There's no work. Everything's really expensive the food and everything."

This is Ceruvates first time to food give-a-way. She said she had to come here in order to feed her two kids. Her story's the same for many of these families just struggling to get by looking for help wherever they can get it.

Food Drives in Mendota and San Joaquin

July 25 from 3-6pm @ City Hall

First 500 families to sign up at City Hall (July 16 through rest of week) will be eligible to receive food. Bring proof of residency and id.

San Joaquin:
July 31 from 9-12

Drive at City Park (Colorado/ Main Streets)

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