Merced County Jail Lockdown

7/20/2008 Merced, CA Sunday afternoon jailers say seven gang members jumped a cell mate who was apparently in the same gang. Detectives say the victim took several blows to the head and he has severe injuries.

The victim was just booked into the jail today.

Jailers in Merced also say a former gang member is in critical condition after other gang members attacked him.

The victim was booked on Friday and authorities say the victim's cell mates repeatedly kicked him in the head and upper body.

They're identified as 28 year old Daniel Rivera, 18 year old Luis Chavez, 24 year old Christian Ruiz, and 18 year old Carlos Arias.

Investigators say the four men who jumped the victim were all admitted gang members. Authorities say the victim claimed to be a former member of the same gang, and asked to be jailed with them, rather than members of a rival gang.

Detectives say the four men are facing aggravated assault charges but those charges could be upgraded to attempted murder.

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