Clovis Police Receive a Crisis Control Vehicle

Clovis, CA Hostage negotiations and crisis events can last hours, even days at a time. Clovis Police will be more prepared when they get to those scenes that can be very unpredictable.

The next time Clovis Police are called out for a crisis, this large van is what the negotiation team will pull up in.

A truck with every gadget they need for a peaceful resolution.

Dave Smith, Clovis Police Sergeant: "This wires in to the throw phone that actually goes to the suspect victim so that we can communicate back with them."

The Clovis Police Department has never had such a state of the art resource.

Janet Davis, Clovis Police Chief: "When you have the tools to be able to talk a barricaded or suicidal subject out of a high risk situation, you can't put a price tag on that."

The truck will provide instant technology for officers to collect intelligence constantly during any hostile situation.

"We can give this information to the person who is doing the negotiation so he can become very personal and detailed so he can hopefully take this person down a path of hopefully deescalating into compliance."

The 150 thousand dollar vehicle was a gift from the Table Mountain Casino and Rancheria.

Brenda Lavell, Table Mountain Rancheria: "I might sound a little biased but as a Clovis community member, I'm elated. I couldn't be happier. Though it is a very nice vehicle, and a negotiating vehicle. I hope it doesn't have to be used that often."

The crisis negotiation truck can also help assist in standoffs in collaboration with the swat car.

Bob Whalen, Clovis Mayor: "This is not really designed to protect for attack, this is designed to communicate with the person who is holding the hostages to talk with them about a variety of things and gain information so we can adequately address what their concerns might be."

The truck should be fully up and running within the next two weeks. For now officers are just training in it and getting used to all of the resources. Clovis Police have until now been using a very outdated van that was used to make undercover drug deals years ago.


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