Clovis Weed Abatement

July 22, 2008 12:14:09 AM PDT
City leaders in Clovis have been busy this year trying to keep foreclosed homes from becoming dangerous eyesores. City leaders sent out 671 abatement notices for owners to clean up their yards or face fines. 91-percent of the property owners complied.

But for those who didn't they were given 20 days clean things up, or a city contractor did the work for them. Owners got billed for the cost plus a 20 percent administrative fee.

Clovis firefighters say tall, dry grass and weeds are dangerous this time of year.

Tanya Geren, Clovis City Fire: "People don't realize how quickly fire spreads and just a few dry weeds can spread a fire to a fence to another tree."

Those who did not comply with the abatement request, have until August 15 to pay the city for clean-up costs. If they don't pay the charges will be added to their property taxes.


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