"Fresh and Easy" Coming to Downtown Fresno

Fresno, CA The new Fresh and Easy will be located at Tulare and "R". In two weeks fresh and easy will break ground here. This downtown location will be one of seven planned in the Fresno area.

This grocery store is key to revitalizing the area.

The missing link to downtown Fresno lies in this dirt lot. In five months a Fresh and Easy store like this will open for business.

Mike Dages, Fresno Councilmember: "They're coming into this market with their eyes wide open and strong. So they'll do well, they'll do well in this market, especially with gas prices going up."

Sal Gonzales bought a condo in downtown Fresno two months ago. He moved here from San Francisco and immediately noticed there's no place to get groceries nearby.

Sal Gonzales, Downtown Fresno Resident: "We like urban living and Fresno isn't the first place you think of when you think of urban centers. But certainly in the future with more steps like this is what we're relying on the ability to build higher and denser and more mixed use facilities."

The market will be the first chain grocery store in downtown in 40 years. The location, the same spot the Old Fresno Hofbrau served food for 60 years.

Councilmember Henry Perea hopes the stores opening will encourage more people to see downtown as a growing and viable place to live.

Henry T. Perea, Fresno Councilmember: "One of the major impediments to redeveloping downtown was access to services. Now we don't have that excuse. Now we are providing access to groceries and to high quality foods. Now we have the opportunity to start building more mixed use housing around that market."

Fresh and Easy market offers readymade food and healthier snacks that is usually fresher and more convenient that the average grocery store.

The grocery store is expected to open up for business at the end of this year or early next year. Construction trucks will be out here next month.



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