Heavenly Sighting in Porterville

Porterville, CA Debra Dattoli said: "It's kind of like awesome you see it for yourself it's so big and just unexplainable. That holds some of part of mystery. Why is it there, and what is it?" Those who have seen the angel say it appears every night after dark, like clockwork, with its bright image spanning both of these windows.

The Johnsons who've owned this store for decades say at first they thought the bright angel was an odd reflection, so they did some rearranging. Ronald Johnson said: "We started moving racks to that side of store, shifting everything, moving everything. Then we thought now we won't see it anymore because everything is in different. We came back that night it was still there."

The Johnsons also say for some reason, vandals stopped targeting their storefront. Johnson said: "All the vandalism stopped. We haven't been vandalized since the day we've seen the angel in the window nothing has happened around here it's amazing."

Supernatural occurrence, or easily explained reflection, Teri Johnson says there's still no doubt in her mind that somebody is watching Johnson said: "I think our angel is sent here from God and watches over us because we pray all the time for our business and our family."


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