Search for Jennifer Her Continues

Fresno, CA Jennifer Her went missing Saturday night the family found her clothing near a canal bank just a few feet from her home. Fresno County divers and rescue teams have been searching the water since Sunday night but still no sign of the girl.

The Fresno County Sheriff's Department resumed their search early Monday morning. Swift water rescue crews and divers went into the Fancher Creek Canal at Kings Canyon near the area where Jennifer Her's family found the 13-year olds clothing.

Sgt. Rich Wilhoite, Fresno County Sheriff's Dept.: "It was just laying next to the canal we don't have any indication that she actually went into the water, there are no foot prints going down into the canal. But because of location we found the clothing, we just need to rule this out."

Friends and family gathered at the Hers' home to lend support. Jennifer's 17-year old sister Cindy says she has wandered off three times before but the family has always been able to find her with friends.

Cindy Her, Sister: "When we tell her not to go outside, she says yeah but he just wander off, so we don't know what she thinking in her mind."

Jennifer is mentally impaired … her mother says she was gardening Saturday night and asked Jennifer to bring her a glass of water from inside that was the last time the family saw her.

Cindy Her, Sister: "Me, my mom and my sister we went all over the street looking for her, showing picture to see if they've seen her but there's not an answer for it."

The Fresno Irrigation District will lower the water level by 50-percent Tuesday … Hoping to aid rescue teams in finding the missing girl.

Sgt. Rich Wilhoite: "We're hoping we're going to be able to find her. I'm hoping she's in someone's house and hopefully sees us on the news and knows to go home."

Swift water rescue crews and the Sheriff's dive team have searched the canal for three miles, from Kings Canyon all the way down to California Avenue. They will resume their search Tuesday morning at 7:30.


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