Tropical Storm Edouard Strikes Texas

Galveston, TX, USA Even as tropical storm Edouard came ashore in Texas Tuesday, the threat it would strengthen into a hurricane had lingered.

The storm spent hours churning over the warm waters of the gulf late Monday, giving galveston residents just enough time to pack up, stock up, board up, and leave. "I'm with teenagers they wanted to stay and ride it out, but I was telling them, I didn't think it'd be quite as fun as they thought," said visitor Caryl Coburn.

No strangers to hurricanes and the damage they can do, Texas coast residents took this storm seriously. "I spent 18 days after the hurricane came through, Katrina, down in Mississippi, and I was down there when Rita came through, so, I'm ready to try another one," said Dave Gardner.

Meteorologists kept their eyes on the fast-forming Edouard warning it could gain in speed and power at any time. "I always remind people never to add "just" the tropical storm; we had lots of problems with tropical storms in a way of flooding," said National Hurricane Center Director Bill Read.

As darkness gave way to dawn, Galveston emerged wet and windy but relatively unscathed.

Edouard's rains and wind are very powerful out here, making it difficult to even stay standing. The people of Galveston said they're very grateful there's been no reports of major damage so far, just a very wet, messy situation.


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