Back to School Shopping

Fresno, CA, USA Michelle: "Mainly t-shirts and tank tops for school and shorts and stuff."

They're looking through the sales racks first-- but they are not holding back in terms of spending ... "Im using my own money," says Jenny. "But usually my mom goes in for half, so hopefully I'll get some reimbursement."

/*Gottschalk's*/ merchandiser Jeff Santiago says back-to-school spending is about the same as last year ... And parents are still buying kids the latest trends. "There's the hot item that the kids are looking for and what's in trend-- what's in style; that's what they are going to buy, and the deals."

At /*Target*/-- Michelle Stevens is shopping for her two school-age boys. "The kids are really anxious-- they're pulling stuff off, 'I want this I want that.' Especially on the clothes, there's a lot of stuff on clearance so that's been nice. I think we saved a lot of money." Another way parents are saving-- making less trips to the store. "People are mindful with the gas prices," SAYS Target manager Chris Palmer. "They are coming in and doing most of their shopping on one day instead of multiple days."

But Brandi Pisano says she has to spend more this year-- because her son William is starting junior high. "Its one of those things you can't get away from-- it's almost like groceries-- you have to have this stuff." Our Action News poll conducted by /*SurveyUSA*/ shows -- 40 percent of parents --like Pisano-- will actually spend more on school supplies this year than last. 43-percent of parents plan to spend between 50 to 100-dollars on things like notebooks, pencils and backpacks. Five percent say they'll spend more than 300 dollars. Still-- William, who's getting all this brand new loot is not necessarily "excited" ... "Is back to school shopping fun for you? No... How come? Cause you have to go back to school. (laugh)"

Most stores say the next couple of weeks will be the busiest for /*back to school shopping*/ ... So expect more sales and deeper discounts.


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