Merced Murder: More Than One Suspect Involved

Surveillance System may uncover the suspect's true identity
Merced, CA, USA It happened about 9:15 on Fifth near "K" Street. 49 year old Ricardo Cervantes was dead by the time emergency crews arrived, but his wife survived being shot twice.

Merced police spent the day re-interviewing the lone survivor of the shooting and the witness who called for help. They are trying to find out why the middle aged couple was the target of such a vicious attack.

The crime scene team spent hours collecting any clues left behind at the home where 49 year old Ricardo Cervantes was shot to death Monday night. His 60 year old wife Canda Garcia was shot twice but lived.

Floyd Higdon, Merced Police Department: "Officers responding to the scene located a male subject that had been shot two times once in the head and once in the body who was found deceased at the scene."

Fortunato Vidauri has known the couple for many years. He owns the house right next door to the victims.

Fortunato Vidauri: "I felt sad because he was a good friend. He was my neighbor for a very long time. And I felt bad for what happened. This neighborhood used to not be that bad."

The couple's son made the call for help from a small residence in the back where he lives.

Witnesses who rushed outside told action news the suspects made no attempt to hide their identity. Police hope a surveillance system at the home will uncover the suspect's true identity.

"We do believe ... All possibilities "

Investigators believe there could be more than one suspect involved. Neighbors who live in the area say after the commotion they rushed outside to see a car full of men leaving the scene.


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