Clovis Soccer Coach Facing Child Porn Charges

Clovis, CA, USA /*Dimitrios Kastis*/ had easy access to hundreds of kids while he coached soccer in Clovis. He lived at an apartment complex on Fowler south of Herndon. Nearby, there's a soccer field. There, investigators claim Kastis preyed on his victims-sometimes using a candy jar. The details are listed in an affidavit filed in federal court. Investigators stated, " ... Kastis would tell the girls to look in the bottom of a candy dish in his apartment for money that might be there, telling them that they could keep any money they found."

After that offer, the molestations are believed to have taken place inside his apartment. This week, federal investigators filed new charges claiming Kastis also owned nearly 6-thousand images of child pornography. Some was allegedly stored on his computer and depicted men sexually abusing children as young as two years old. Kastis' Defense Attorney Rick Berman said the defendant always took photographs. Berman said, "They're just kids playing soccer, kids in the park that were his students. He takes a lot of pictures. There are thousands of pictures and he gives them out to the kids."

Berman said he hasn't seen the pictures involved in federal case. But he claimed the case started with a few neighborhood kids making up lies to cover up their own bad behavior. Berman said, "Who got in trouble for throwing things at apartment doors, fruit and dirt and things like that. And Mr. Kastis confronted their mother and said this has got to stop."

If Kastis is convicted on the molestation case, he could face life in prison. That doesn't include prison time for possessing child porn.


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