Same-Sex Divorce

Fresno, CA, USA Gays and lesbians embraced and celebrated history on June 17, dozens lined up in Fresno to say "I do". Now one couple wants out of marriage. A divorce application was filed in court for two women. They married on June 27, 2008. Then three days later on June 30, 2008, the document indicates they separated. The couple declined to be interviewed citing privacy issues but they checked "irreconcilable differences" on their application.

ABC 30's Legal Analyst Tony Capozzi said while a same-sex divorce in Fresno County is unprecedented, legally it is not significant. Capozzi said, "The fact that it is a same-sex marriage and now a divorce is of no consequence to the court. They're going to be treated as equally as anyone who comes before that court."

Jason Scott and his husband Randy were among the first to marry in Fresno. Scott said the marriage hasn't changed his life. But he fears a few /*same-sex couples*/ may have rushed and did not fully understand the obligations with marriage. Scott said, "When you get married, you're really basically becoming almost one entity. You're taking on the responsibilities for the other person."

Gays and lesbians will have to fight to keep their right to marry and divorce. A large state wide group is pushing a proposition to ban same-sex marriage. Voters will take up the issue in November.


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