Proposition 8 Ballot Wording Debate

Fresno, CA, USA Clovis minister Tim Brown support Prop 8, the so called ban on /*gay marriage*/ in California. He says if the new wording on the ballot stands, it will require a greater effort by supporters of Prop 8 to spread the word.

Brown says," I think one of the things it's going to do is create a little confusion and I think that's why our folks, and our churches and our community be informed as to what's going on."

But Prop 8 opponent Scotti Maldonado says the new wording is more accurate.

"I'm very happy about the wording I think it shows the proposition for what it is instead of sugar coating it." Maldonado says.

The original wording read, "/*Proposition 8*/ amends the California Constitution to provide that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid, or recognized in California."

The version re-written by state Attorney General Jerry Brown reads:" Proposition 8 Changes the California constitution to eliminate the right of same sex couples to marry."

Prop 8 supporter Jennifer Kerns accuses Brown of bias in the wording.

Kerns says, "Not in the past fifty years have we ever seen an attorney general actually assign a negative verb, such as "eliminate" to the ballot title and summary and that's given us great cause for concern." Geoff Korrs opposes prop 8 and says supporters are hiding behind a facade that Prop 8 protects marriage between a man and woman, not that it bans same sex marriage.

"Our opponents want a misleading title and summary. They don't want the voters to know what this will do." Korrs said.

While local churches will mobilize to support prop 8, local gay activists will also be out in force. Scotti Maldonado says," We're going to be out this weekend on Sunday and then probably every weekend through the end of the election getting the word out about the proposition. Asking people to vote no on it."

The effort to change the wording was filed in a Sacramento Court. A quick decision is expected. And, whatever the wording, voters will decide the fate of Prop 8 in the November election.


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