Motorcyclists Learn Safety First

8/9/2008 Atwater, CA, USA These beginner bikers are learning you have to walk before you can ride...

Bryan Savage, Valley Motorcycle Training, says "It starts with a very simple task of walking around a motorcycle and learning what the parts are, and it will end with high speed turns, emergency breaking, and things like that."

Garrett Simpson signed up for this 3 day training course at Castle Air Force Base in Atwater so he can learn to ride his new motorcycle safely. "I know it's dangerous but I think it's worth it, and this is going to help it not be so dangerous."

Simpson says his main goal is to save gas money. And he's certainly not alone. The weekend program consistently has a waiting list of 30 to 60 days. And more females are taking the classes than ever before.

Lorena Artiago says, "My brother had a bike and he always bragged about how much he saved so I just wanted to save too."

Site supervisor Bryan Savage says motorcycles tend to average about 35-45 miles per gallon, and scooters can get up to 100 miles per gallon. "This year we're seeing a higher demand for scooter riders. A lot more scooter riders on the road, and we've actually got more scooters on order to provide the students that's never been a big demand in the past."

But as more people make the switch to two wheels, Savage says it's important they get the proper training to keep the number of accidents from rising right along with gas prices.

For more information, you can call Valley Motorcycle Training at 877-RIDE-411 or locally, you can dial 559-299-6347.


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