More Questions Raised About Edwards Affair

Pigeon O'Brien: "The affair began long, long, long before she was hired to work for the campaign almost half a year before she was hired to work on those videos."

Pigeon O'brien said Hunter told her it was at this New York City Hotel in late February, early March, 2006, that she had met quote "An amazing man from North Carolina named John."

But Edwards said the affair did not begin until hunter was hired by his campaign to produce videos sometime in July 2006

Hunter's family is now coming out to defend her. "my sister, she obviously made a mistake. That doesn't mean she's a bad person. To the contrary, she's a great person. I love her very much," said Rielle's Sister Melissa Hunter.

Hunter herself has not spoken out. She is said to be in seclusion in her Santa Barbara mansion.

Reports say her stay there is being paid by Edwards presidential campaign, an arrangement Edwards claims he isn't aware of.

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