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Maybe you've heard about the self-proclaimed new rival to Google called (pronounced "cool").

It's one of the most hyped websites to hit the internet this year. Cuil means knowledge in Gaelic.

Like other search engines, the first thing you do is type in the subject of interest in the search bar. But unlike similar sites, the results are presented in a unique way.

Take a look. I typed in Philadelphia and not only are the general results presented differently, there are tabs with other suggestions related to Philly, like links to the city's sports teams' homepages at top. On the right-hand side, in the explore-by-category section, there are links to the city's landmarks.

The site's founders say Cuil is the most powerful engine anywhere. In fact, they claim it searches three times as many sites as Google.

However, in its first few weeks, the site admittedly has had several technical glitches but the website promises they reflect little more than growing pains.

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