Fresno Teen Shot & Killed in Weekend Shooting

Fresno, CA, USA Jeff Cardinale, spokesman for the Fresno Police Department said, "The house where this took place, the house was full of /*Bulldog gang members*/, there was a $3-$5 cover charge to get into the party and the fliers clearly stated that alcohol would be served."

Police said around midnight there was a fight and then there were bullets. One hit a 17 old year old boy who survived the other hit Destinee Salazar Ortiz who did not.

Her mother said, "I'm told she was transferred to the hospital nobody called me there. So I didn't get to hold my daughter ... I didn't get to tell her it was going to be ok."

Salazar said she didn't find out about her daughter's murder until 6:30 Sunday morning. She admits she had no idea who Destinee was with that night. But police do. They say she was hanging out with known gang members. The grieving mother reflected and said, "You almost have to be a little bit more aggressive to know what your child is doing. Know if they are in a gang, know if they are tagging, know what they're doing when they're out, ask questions."

Police say the fight at the party had to do with graffiti or tagging as it's called on the streets. Neighbor Marvin Simmons said, "The whole thing is senseless when you think about it. Kids can't have a dispute without pulling out a weapon." Destinee's mom agreed. "That's pointless I mean to start a fight or whatever they do, write on walls or cross out names. They need to stop and think what they're doing. Because they didn't just take her… they took me with her."

No one has been arrested. The 17 year old boy who was also shot is still in the hospital. Destinee's funeral is Friday. She'll be buried in a family plot next to her Grandmother, and cousin at Mountain View Cemetery.


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