"Tropical Thunder" Draws Criticism

August 12, 2008 12:17:05 PM PDT
A group of protesters isn't laughing over Ben Stiller's new comedy, "Tropic Thunder." The group says the movie insults people with mental disabilities."We feel the caricatures of people with intellectual disabilities are you know, almost hateful, and we want this to be the beginning of the end. We want this to be the end of Hollywood treating this population as the butt of jokes," said Special Olympic Chairman Tim Shriver.

A word that's become an insensitive way to describe the mentally disabled is used repeatedly in the movie.

One of the film's stars, Robert Downey Junior, defends the film saying it's open to interpretation.

'Tropic Thunder' is an action comedy which follows the group of prima donna actors filming a Vietnam War movie when their fed-up writer-director decides to dump them in the middle of a real war.