Exclusive Interview with Scott Kinney

Fresno, CA, USA Kinney spent the day in the Fresno County Jail Monday after turning himself into police. He sat down exclusively with action news reporter Sontaya Rose to explain what he says happened on the night that led to his arrest.

"I care about her and I love her and um we do get along fine at times and at other times she's trying to have me killed, so that's the nature of the relationship."

/*Scott Kinney*/ says his relationship with his soon to be ex wife has been on the rocks for some time.

After meeting for dinner last Thursday the two got into an argument that quickly got heated.

Scott Kinney: "She comes outside, confronts me and starts trying to hit me this and that and I cover up and put my head forward and our heads clash. Next thing I know she's got a bump on her head and we're still flailing around and I'm upset and we're yelling in front of god and everybody in the front yard."

Fresno police say Kinney headbutted his wife, slapped her and then smashed her cell phone.

He says the incident is one of many domestic disputes that ended in a call to police.

Several months ago Kinney says he was the one calling for help after he was the victim of an attack by his wife's brother.

"I flew through the air and I landed over there in the dirt face down unable to move. Two thirds of my nose was shredded off."

Tuesday he provided a bloody towel, torn shirt and pictures of that incident that he says was never fully investigated by sheriff's detectives.

The sheriff's department told action news the case was closed because Kinney was not a cooperative victim.

There's no question, the past few months have been difficult. Kinney's father, Ernest died of leukemia and now he's facing this.

Kinney says he plans to fight any charges filed against him.

"You can charge me all day long but that's not a conviction. I stand on my word, I stand on my honor and I stand on my family name so I'm fine with that. Charge me until the sun goes down."


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