V.P. Secrets

8/20/2008 Virginia's Tim Kaine plays the harmonica, Indiana's Evan Bayh has twins, and Delaware's Joe Biden who won't stop talking now, used to stutter.

Tim Kaine may be from Virginia, Obama raised in Hawaii but their family history's meet in Kansas?

Gov. Tim Kaine, (D) Virginia, says my mom and my grandparents, and his mother and grandparents, both spent formative time in El Dorado, Kansas.

What are the chances? About as much as having 4 Harvard Law Grads on the ticket. Both Mr. and Mrs. Obama, and Mrs. Kaine went to Harvard Law. Both Bayh's are lawyers too. Evan Bayh gave the Keynote at the '96 convention. His father was a 3 term senator who ran for president, the campaign slogan? "Yes We Can," sound familiar?

Bayh likes to run marathons, a good thing because this is the 3rd time he has been in the running for VP since 2000.

What about Joe Biden? Sure he talks, but he also weight-lifts. And he also knows tragedy, in 1973, his first wife and young daughter died in a car wreck. "The only way you deal with those things, I think is you just got to, you got to focus on what's left, what you have," says Biden.

He has been in the Senate for 35 years, the consummate Washington Insider, but he has never lived a day in Washington. He commutes every day, by train, to his home in Delaware. He would finally have to move to Washington if he gets this new job.

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