Police Looking for Two Men Responsible for Two Robberies

Fresno, CA, USA The two men on the video have no intention of buying a soda or a lottery ticket at this USA Liquor store. You don't see it on the video, but right when they entered the store a man in a white shirt opened fire.

The bullet landed in the ceiling. Seconds later the suspects told the clerk to empty the register. Fearing for his life, the clerk complied, handing over several thousand dollars.

Investigators say this isn't the first time these men have robbed a convenience store. A week ago Daljeet Singh was closing up the penny wise shell station on East Shields when two men entered.

Singh said: "One of the suspects with a gun on me. There was guy behind him. Said, 'Hurry up give me the money.' And then he shot at (the ground) it came over here ... You can see the hole right here."

The bullet then ricocheted off the ground and landed in two different food displays.

Singh exclaimed: "I guess I'm lucky to be alive."

Fresno police Sergeant Dave Ramos says Singh's description and the surveillance video confirms the same two men pulled off both robberies.

Ramos warned these men are extremely dangerous.

Ramos said: "These suspects have already shown a propensity for violence as they fired their weapons during the robberies."

Fresno police aren't saying whether they have any leads in this case. But they are asking anyone who might have information to come forward. There's a thousand dollar reward for information that leads to an arrest.


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