Gymnastics for Fitness

By day, 34-year-old Guinevere Brightwell is a stay-at-Home mom. Who's dedicated to caring for her two daughters.

But by night, Guinevere and her husband Ty stretch, jump, pull, roll and flip for fun! Gymnastics Is something they took up just six months ago.

Guinevere Brightwell: "I guess we started to feel old after we had kids and now, we feel more vibrant and youthful."

Ty Brightwell: "I watched gymnastics or the Olympics and you can't help but wish you could do that."

They're part of a growing trend learning gymnastics as an adult.

Colin Ligammari, Gymnastics Instructor: "Everybody wants to do a back flip. It's a good party trick!"

Instructor Colin Ligammari says if you're in good health, you can learn gymnastics at almost any age.

Colin Ligammari: "This is something for everybody. Everybody could use better core strength. It's an all-around perfect workout."

Gymnastics moves require all the muscles in the body to work in unison, so you work every part. Twenty-seven-year-old Damian Pichardo says it's a challenging workout.

Damian PichardoL "It's a good way to get your daily life stresses out and to keep in shape."

But with adults, injuries are a concern. Colin says you should always stretch first and never do a move that feels uncomfortable. Also, being in shape is the best injury prevention.

Thirty-year-old Keith Noone has been training for four years and hasn't suffered a single injury.

Keith Noone: "When you first start out, it's a little bit scary, but you get a few things down, and it gets a little less scary."

And they get a little better. Before starting the class, none of the participants could do these moves. They may never win the gold, but these adults are proof anyone can be a gymnast.


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