Tropical Storm Fay Hits Florida

Fort Myers Beach, FL, USA Tropical Storm Fay made landfall here about 55 miles south in Cape Romano. All hurricane warnings have been dropped since it didn't reach hurricane status and it's the third time it's made landfall, first hitting Cuba on Sunday and in the Florida Keys yesterday afternoon.

Tropical Storm Fay is making its presence known along the southwestern Florida coast.

"We are urging residents to stay indoors and off the road. This is not the time to be outside," said Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez.

Its winds whipped trees and sent one kite boarder up into the air before slamming him to the ground. Up to 10 inches of rain is expected to soak the Florida peninsula and more rain is expected over the next few days.

"As soon as the word hit that the storm was predicted to come our way about half of that amount checked out early or canceled reservations," said Karla Feazell with Holiday Inn.

With many flights canceled today, many tourists had no choice but to stick around and brace for the storm.

Emergency officials are asking for everyone to be vigilant. "Just want people to play it smart, take their time, be cautious... Don't underestimate the danger, this is not the storm that should be deadly if we work together and just stay safe," said Craig Fulgate with the Florida Department of Emergency Management.

The Red Cross said it is providing shelters for those who either need a place now or after the storm. "As soon as the storm blows through we'll react appropriately," said Tom McFadden with the Red Cross.

Isolated tornadoes are possible over the Florida Keys and southern Florida peninsula today. There are also flood watches in effect throughout the area.


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